“Any landscape is a condition of the spirit”. -Henri Frederic Amiel

I love taking pictures of such beautiful things. These are a few of my favorites that I have taken. I love the city as much as I love the beaches. Every landscape I envision and capture gives me a new idea and perspective for each new image.



So this is aubrey, and she is beautiful!! I had a photo shoot this past weekend with some friends of mine, and Aubrey is so beautiful and a NATURAL!! Like she was born for modeling and perfection! It was so great to experiment with different light settings, and professional equipment. I hope to have more shoots like this really soon, studio work is one of my new obsessions along with hair flips…

Model: Aubrey

Photo Friends: James Cecil (, @jamescecil4) Mark Pinson (@mp3playerandslayer)


Enhance what you have

I like having the contrast of both dramatic beauty and more of a natural look. This ReCail and she represented the natural beauty. I loved this project because my favorite subject to photograph is people, and even better if it’s portrait work. Getting to work with special lighting and professional makeup artists was such a cool experience. I hope to continue doing photo shoots very similar to this.

Model: ReCail


Try Something New

This is Stephanie. She was a perfect model for this collection. I enjoyed the dramatics of these photos. She portrayed the style perfectly and brought to life the vision of the series. This collection featured the talent of the makeup artist, which I loved. There was so much going on yet it seemed to work perfectly for this specific look. It’s ok to be dramatic sometimes, its ok try new looks and be someone a little different than who you usually are. I think that’s one of the best ways to learn and find new interests. I had a friend tell me they almost didn’t recognize Stephanie, because naturally, of course she doesn’t look like this, but isn’t that┬ábeautiful? Either way you interpret it, beauty comes in many forms.

Model: Stephanie