I took these on a recent trip to Seattle. These were downtown Seattle and I love the urban rundown look of it all! It was fun to see a difference in landscape from new updated buildings, and old and what seems like forgotten building.



“Any landscape is a condition of the spirit”. -Henri Frederic Amiel

I love taking pictures of such beautiful things. These are a few of my favorites that I have taken. I love the city as much as I love the beaches. Every landscape I envision and capture gives me a new idea and perspective for each new image.



So this is aubrey, and she is beautiful!! I had a photo shoot this past weekend with some friends of mine, and Aubrey is so beautiful and a NATURAL!! Like she was born for modeling and perfection! It was so great to experiment with different light settings, and professional equipment. I hope to have more shoots like this really soon, studio work is one of my new obsessions along with hair flips…

Model: Aubrey

Photo Friends: James Cecil (, @jamescecil4) Mark Pinson (@mp3playerandslayer)


Enhance what you have

I like having the contrast of both dramatic beauty and more of a natural look. This ReCail and she represented the natural beauty. I loved this project because my favorite subject to photograph is people, and even better if it’s portrait work. Getting to work with special lighting and professional makeup artists was such a cool experience. I hope to continue doing photo shoots very similar to this.

Model: ReCail


Try Something New

This is Stephanie. She was a perfect model for this collection. I enjoyed the dramatics of these photos. She portrayed the style perfectly and brought to life the vision of the series. This collection featured the talent of the makeup artist, which I loved. There was so much going on yet it seemed to work perfectly for this specific look. It’s ok to be dramatic sometimes, its ok try new looks and be someone a little different than who you usually are. I think that’s one of the best ways to learn and find new interests. I had a friend tell me they almost didn’t recognize Stephanie, because naturally, of course she doesn’t look like this, but isn’t that¬†beautiful? Either way you interpret it, beauty comes in many forms.

Model: Stephanie

Valentines Day

“Valentines Day is over commercialized”-direct quote from my mom

Valentines Day in my family has always been a day to remind everyone in our lives that they matter and we love them. It’s a day of refocus and love everyone. We should be constantly remind people we love them, but valentines day is a whole day set aside for it!! ¬†Even though it has been morphed into a commercialized holiday, and all about chocolate, and intimate relationships, it doesn’t have to be. Yes, that stuff is important but so is making someone feel something. Make someone feel noticed and important. Valentines Day is an expression of how you feel about those in your life. My dad bought my mom these lovely flowers and I had to capture the moment. My parents are so cute, and they don’t get many pictures of just them, so here it is: the parents.

“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”-Mother Teresa

Model: Parents